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Hey there! My name is Alyazya Almansoori (@alyooos). I'm an Emirati social media influencer, media student & a model. I've launched TASKA during the first wave of Covid-19 back in 2020 because I honestly had a lot of free time to work on this during lockdown and more importantly I love fashion & I noticed a lack of fashion risk-taking in the local stores. I enjoy making bold wardrobe choices, trying new trends & being the center of attention at every event. I believe that style is a way to say who you are without having to speak! One style category was never enough for me and that is why I decided that my brand needs at least 4 different categories to get people inspired by.

No matter what your style is, if you value self-expression through your outfits then my online clothing store will definitely have something for you! I'm a strong believer in good karma and one of the brand's core values is giving back. I make sure to dedicate some of my products to raise awareness and donations for different charities & organizations. I also love collaborating with other local businesses so we can both learn & support each other. Don't be shy to reach out or fill in the form below and let's get creative together!

Let’s Create Art Together

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Can't wait to work with you! xx
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